Suck: Camera edition


We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting my sister and her wife in the mountains. Great food, great company, even our menagerie of hounds behaved well (except for the torn off nail from “zoomies”) I even brought my “big” camera to take “good” pictures. Sigh. My main digital SLR is a second hand Canon 5D. Bought from a good friend, who lovingly maintained it...

Linked in bullcrap


I have ranted often about LinkedIn, from their desire to be a destination as often and for as much time as Facebook, a tall order indeed. Many of the people I know in Marketing are hailing it as the B2B marketing platform, praising the blogs, the opinion leaders they have recruited, and the communities that can be created. I naturally have a LinkedIn profile, and I am a member to many of these...

The idiots have won: Time to remove the “Reply All” option in email


Microsoft, Apple, Thunderbird (indeed, all MUA’s): It is time to remove the “reply all” option. I know that there are valid use cases for it, but alas, the general population has failed to grasp the implications of this seemingly innocuous button on their email. Yes, there are times that people really really do want to spam their colleagues like it was a listserv, but this is an...

What drives me nuts: Windows installers putting shortcuts on the desktop


Nothing screams the 1990’s like every time you install a piece of software that it puts an icon with a shortcut on your desktop. I know that most software asks you if you want one placed on the desktop, and I¬†ALWAYS uncheck that box. But all too often, the software installs it anyway, or it doesn’t ask and just drops one there. I know this is a minor rant, and I also know people (more...


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February 2024

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