RC Cars – stripped screw redux


Well, I think I figured out why I stripped that fucking button head screw.

To facilitate the repair, I removed the steering post. It appears that instead of using thread locker (aka Locktite), the builder used cyanoacrylate adhesive. For the uninitiated that is super glue.

White trash neighbors


Living in South San Jose is pretty great, for the most part. Great house, mostly great neighbors, and amazing weather are all positives. But the negatives come out twice a year. There are several rental properties in our neighborhood, and they are often rented by giant wads of fuck. Case in point: Last night, New Year’s Eve, we knew there would be fireworks. There are always fireworks here...

Shingles Vaccine


A couple of months ago, we lined up for our annual flu shot, and this year decided to get the shingles vaccine. Since both of us were from an era before the chicken pox vaccine, we both had it as children.

New Holiday Tradition – un-subbing from spam lists


Ah, Black Friday is here. The time when my email blows up with all the companies and organizations I have ever interacted with by email send me notices of their “mad MAD deep discounts” for the “official” start of the holiday buying season.
Yes, it is a veritable windfall of attention from the furthest reaches of the interwebz.

Things I don’t ‘get’ – Reality TV


The stubby fingered Cheeto colored, ferret wearin’ shit-gibbon aside, one thing that I just don’t get is Reality TV. My understanding is that the genre, while there are earlier instances, really got a jumpstart during a writer’s strike in Hollywood. The network execs just started producing unscripted “reality” shows, and they took off. The formula was cemented with Survivor, and now you can...

Things I don’t ‘get’ – Daytime TV


Perhaps it’s my age, or my introversion, or … whatever, there are many things that I just don’t understand. Today, I will riff on television. being later-middle age, having grown up on a steady diet of television, I will admit to watching a reasonable amount of it. However, even with television being part of my life almost forever (to me at least), there are some things that are...

Shopping Cart Douchiness


Some things just piss me off. One of them is assholes who don’t know how to put their shopping carts in the corral area, and just leave them willy-nilly wherever they want to. Lazy fucks. I am sure you have seen this behavior before. It crosses class, and state boundaries. From the bargain grocers like Lucky, or Safeway, to the boutique like Trader Joes, or Nob Hill, and even to the swanky...


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