Building Scale Model Kits

My last efforts were more than 40 years ago. A magical time where there were at least three outstanding hobby stores within an easy bicycle ride from my house (and my favorite, D&J Hobbies in Campbell California).

Today, the reality is that you are lucky to have a single mediocre hobby store (I do not count Hobby Lobby, because fuck them) within an hour or more drive away.

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Modeling – an eye opener

As I prepare to build my first kit in probably 40+ years, I have made some startling discoveries.

First – I learned that I used to build them wrong. Watching a time elapse build on YouTube, I just learnt that you need to wash the plastic parts with soap and water and let them dry before you begin.

And, you should do some of the painting while the parts are still on the sprue.

Mind blown.

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Modeling – blast from the past

My recent dive into a hobby that I always wanted to do, but never had the means to do properly – RC Cars – has rekindled another hobby that I used to do, but stopped in my early teens.

Building model kits. I used to build tanks, airplanes and cars, but I slipped away from it when I got a newspaper route, and then started working more.

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The RC Files: Overseas parts order

I have been in RC Cars for a relatively short time, but one thing I hear, from the community, is that there are some places that are good deals to buy cars, parts and accessories from. One such is Banggood, a Chinese market of pretty much any good you might want to buy. Batteries, chargers, geegaws and some surprisingly high quality vehicles are all on offer and pretty reasonably priced.

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The Game is afoot!

In the last week, the Vanquish Product’s VS4-10 crawler kit arrived, as well as part of the electronics. After a quick purchase of some grease, and a fresh (as in unbent) needle nose pliers it was time to begin the process.

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My Next RC Car(s)

Like potato chips, RC cars are addictive and you can’t have only one. Part of the reason is that there is such variety, such a range of capabilities, that you really can’t do it all with one car.

And that’s all right. Currently I have a 1/8th scale Buggy, and a 1/5th scale Monster Truck (The X-Maxx). And I have a thirst for more.

Next up:

VS4-10 Ultra

I am getting the bug to build a kit. Also, the desire to have a good crawler, something like a well set up Jeep Wrangler. I could go with an Axial SC10 kit, but I know that I would end up upgrading a lot of parts.

Instead, I pulled the trigger on a Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra (with the portal axles) and most of the electronics to go with it. It should arrive next week, and will provide a couple of weekends of building enjoyment.

Alas, the motor/ESC electronics are all on back order, so until they are shipped, it will be difficult to complete, but that reduces the “rush” and “cut corners” temptations.

Beyond that:

The Traxxas e Revo 2.0 in Purple

A smaller monster truck. I debated between the e revo or the new Maxx, a little brother to the X-Maxx. I am leaning towards the e Revo 2.0. It is a stunt-y vehicle, shorter in height than the X-Maxx, more agile, yet with ample punch to have fun, jump, and bash.

I am also looking at a high end driver kit. Something like the Team Losi Racing SCTE short course truck. It is a race class kit, with a lot of good parts. Like the Vanquish above, it will come without the electronics, or tires, but I think I will get a great deal of joy building a top quality kit.

Then I have a hankering to grab one of the modest cost Tamiya kits. The Porsche 911 looks tempting. Or, perhaps I will get one of their “fun” kits and build it up with the neighbor kid. He seems to like watching me drive, and one of the funky, but fun Tamiya’s would be a good way to spoil him.

Last, but not least, I am going to have to get a nitro vehicle. I will probably rarely run it, but the sounds, the smells, the experience is something I want to partake in.

This hobby sucks you in. That is a good thing, especially during the shelter in place orders.

New Toy – DJI Mavic Mini

A mid year bonus, and approval from the boss (my wife) to allow me to spend a few hundred bucks on something frivolous, I bought a Mavic Mini drone from DJI.

Earlier, the boss bought a $70 Chinese special that worked, but really sucked to use. Some research identified the DJI brand to have the most boob friendly, yet quite capable product.

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