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One Month Free


Friday July 6th marks a full month without Facebook. As soon as the second week transpired, I got the notifications of all the other “attached” bits being severed. A good sign that I had held out the full two weeks. Apparently once they “delete” (cough cough) your account, it takes about 90 days to tag your data for removal, and for it being removed1 from their servers. I have removed the hosts...

Benefits of leaving Facebook


It has been a week since I began the process of deleting my Facebook account, and I have a couple of observations that I can share: I do have more time. Yes, when I have a spare moment and grab my phone, I have the muscle memory that tries to load the Facebook app. But, then I go to the NY Times, or Twitter and life goes on My iPhone 6s battery lasts a lot longer. I knew that Facebook was a...

The downsides of leaving Facebook


As I mentioned on Friday, I am taking a break from Facebook. I did a little bit of this in mid 2015, and one of the hard lessons learned was how pervasive Facebook is across the web for the SSO (single sign on) convenience. Sigh. At that time, I was astounded at how many places that Facebook had wormed their way into for validation and authentication. My Strava, Spotify, and others were all tied...

Taking a break


I am going to step back from the great time suck that is Facebook. Sadly, it it taking too much of my time, and is too addicting. Being on my phone, my ipad, and on the browsers, it is just too damn available, and irresistible. I will be sad that I am going to miss some epic meme’s and other fun stuff, and I will also miss the hilarity of some of the communities I am a part of. Yet, I still...

End of an Era – Passing the Torch


For the last three and a half years, I have had the pleasure of running the Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption web page. I was there at the beginning when Diana Hansen, then acting as the Communications Director, hosted us volunteers in her house, to discuss the public facing image of the brand spanking new organization. There were 6 or 7 of us in the room, and we were discussing the...

I’m back from a 3 week break from Facebook


A little over three weeks ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. No particular reason, but not the first time. However, since my last “vacation” in 2009, a lot has changed, and not being part of the Facebook community was difficult. There is a frightening number of applications and websites that don’t work well if you are not associated with a Facebook account. Everything seems...

Quitting Facebook (at least temporarily)


When this goes live, I will have been a full week of not being on Facebook. Last Tuesday, I decided to do a drastic thing, to deactivate my Facebook account. It isn’t the first time I had done this. Back in 2009, not long after I joined Facebook, I deactivated my profile. That time, I held out 8 months before peer pressure caused me to turn it on. In the intervening time, it is astounding...

Walking Away – A Facebook Group was taking over my life


There is a closed community that I participate in on Facebook that I have been a member of for about 7 months. I was invited to join, and I thought I had found a den of like minded people to share our common goals. It was an amazing and safe place to hang out. Really cool people, sharing really cool things, and very little judgmental attitudes were in the air. Yes, there were some diversions, and...

LinkedIn Still Sucks


Who would have thought that my last rant against LinkedIn would be the third most viewed post on my site. Astounding, and by the comments, it seems to have rung a bell with others. (note: this is a repost from my professional blog) LinkedIn is still crappy, for all the same reasons I wrote about here, but some new suckage has floated to the top. LinkedIn is ostensibly the “Facebook”...


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