RC Cars – stripped screw redux

Well, I think I figured out why I stripped that fucking button head screw.

To facilitate the repair, I removed the steering post. It appears that instead of using thread locker (aka Locktite), the builder used cyanoacrylate adhesive. For the uninitiated that is super glue.

To mount the posts that is OK, as you should never ever need to remove them, but I would bet that:

  1. They used too much, and it oozed further into the threaded portion than it needed too. A common issue.
  2. They then attached the steering assembly, so the screws on the other side of the post also got “glued”.

No amount of heat or cajoling was going to fix it. I bought replacement posts, and will replace both of them ( I suspect that the other one is equally as borked…

In the interim, I bought:

  • A box of extra screws. I bought them from Amazon, and I expected that they would be some off brand mashup of SAE parts, but alas, I got a sorter box crammed full of official Losi hardware. SCORE!
  • Micro Grabit screw extractors. Expensive, and not going to be used at this point, but it will come in handy, I am sure.
  • Spare parts.

Did I say that this was going to be an expensive hobby?

The only downside is that the new posts will not arrive until late in the week. So, no driving this weekend. Boo.

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