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The painters are half done. The popcorn is off the ceiling, the walls have been repaired and textured, and the real work will begin on Monday. Today, we had the Color Expert in to advise us.

I wasn’t sure what a color consultant did, and how it would be better than looking on Sherwin Williams website for color pairings. In fact, in the past, that is how we selected colors, find something we liked, and then looked for colors that complemented it. Seemed simple.

But our realtor raged about his color expert, and Barbara signed her up. Yesterday was the day. Of course the house is a bit of a mess, the painters about half way done with the work (almost all the prep work is complete, and it looks FABULOUS).

The Consultant was about 10 minutes late. Not a big deal. She is an energetic, middle aged woman who talks in a constant stream. She asked us questions to determine who we were, and what we did/liked in the past.

tucson_house 3584Sidebar: We painted the interior of our Tucson house in loud, and southwest-ish colors. Golds, Purples, Brick red, Hazel Greens, and even a “Curry” Yellow in the bathrooms. I liked it, but it was a negative when trying to sell the house. Party poopers…

Since we have cream colored “Ikea” cabinetry in the kitchen, and a natural stone tile on the floors as well as dark granite tile counters, we started there. She worked on the ceiling and the trim colors, close to white, but a good blend with the ceiling, since they run to the ceiling.

colors-4For the walls, we settled on a grey/olive shade that I will admit looks pretty good. (Of course, the proof will be in the pudding when it is sprayed on the wall). There is a transition to a slightly lighter grey/olive into the living room area, where the TV will be, with a dark color for the fireplace (the brick is already painted white, so we will paint over it.)

Then we will lighten it up in the entry way, and down the hallway to make it look less like a cave.

Barbara’s office will be either a deep blue (that looks great) or some red. She hasn’t decided yet, and won’t until we go see the swatches in the better light today.

My office will be a red/purple color that I happen to like. I am already thinking about the options of mounting wall hangers for my guitars, and to eliminate one of my computer workstations. Very serviceable.

The master bedroom will be a deep blue-green that will keep the mood for sleeping (we are one of those rarities, people who don’t have a TV in the bedroom.)

While the weather turned dark and dour yesterday, I think we came pretty close in selecting our colors. I will admit that the Color Consultant is a bit of Woo, and the running commentary was a bit much, we did get to a good place.

But was it worth $500?

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