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A week or so ago, I raved about the in store experience with Comcast cable, our tv and internet provider here (yes, I know their reputation, but what I am going to use instead, fucking AT&T U-Verse?!?) I connected immediately with a great customer service rep in their store, who set me up proper.

One of the issues was that they needed to visit sometime the day after to hook up cable, as it had been a long time since this apartment had cable. The day they mentioned was Friday, and that was cool as we were moving on Friday.

Friday came and went, and motherfucker, my cable modem couldn’t connect. Saturday, I get ticked, and call comcast support. After being shuttled to 3 different people they finally hang up on me.


So I get out my iPad, with cellular data, and navigate the support drones online. Finally get someone on chat, and it is clear that I know more about diagnosing network issues than he does.


I finally schedule a service call with a technician on Monday between 10:00am and noon. They do come out in that window, but since the cable and electrical room is locked, and the apartment office is shut on Sunday and Monday, I am again SOL.


Finally on Tuesday, we get a technician out (same time slot), and it gets setup. Internet works, and I am getting the full 50mbps speed ordered.

Not entirely Comcast’s problem, but given the fact that I was int he building by 7:30 on Friday through the close of business, no way a technician tried to hook it up.

Props on their guaranteed time window. Both scheduled days, they were here on time.

Next up, getting the TV setup, and the cablecards in the Tivo configured. Any bets on the number of motherfuckers I utter in that process?

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