Selling your house blues


I have been griping a lot lately about the hassle of selling your house. It really is a pain in the ass for a number of reasons:

  1. You can’t “live” anymore. You have to clean clutter, and to keep every surface clean, dishes in the dishwasher, clothes folded and put away. So you pack about 1/3 of the stuff you would normally have out (like my guitars and a lot of electronics, books, and other items), and live minimalist. Suck.
  2. You no longer look forward to weekends. They are the most popular showing days, so Saturday and Sunday you wake up early, and get the house ready. Vacuum, wash the counters, polish the cook top. And then you wait. Can’t do anything that takes more than a couple of hours, because you need to get the dogs out if someone calls.
  3. Always ready to pack up and leave. We have dogs, two greyhounds, so when someone wants to see the house, we have to leave and take them away. They are getting awful tired of walking around the local park.

So, that is the rut of my life right now. I don’t look forward to weekends, I am discouraged that we go 4/6/ or even 11 days between showings, yet we have to be ready at a moment’s notice to bolt.

Life sucks.

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