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I have a confession. I love the Bond movies. From the early Sean Connery movies, the single episode with George Lazenby (and Diana Rigg as the Bond girl, rowr!), the Moore years, and then the others. I love the cheesy plots and dialog, the hokey special effects (although they have improved with age), and the whole “Aura” of the Bond character.

The happiest day of the year was discovering that many of them are now available for streaming on Netflix. Yay!

There are some lemons. Last night I was watching “Never Say Never Again”, a truly forgettable film with the return of Sean Connery, and featuring Kim Bassinger. Being a non-Eon production, it didn’t have the charming Desmond Llewellyn as ‘Q’, and that is all you need to know.

Over the weekend, I watched “A View to a Kill”, a fine bond movie with a completely contrived plot around destroying Silicon valley. Its saving grace is the superb performance of Christopher Walken. Because even Bond needs more COWBELL!

Of course, the current Bond actor, Daniel Craig is doing a superlative job and has revitalized the franchise, easing it away from the “cold warrior” into the global terror fighter.

I will keep on watching, and enjoying the movies. I think this weekend I will queue up “From Russia with Love” and “Live and Let Die”.

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