Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Last week, I was doing a little Amazon shopping, the main purchase was a TC Electronics Polytune 3 Mini pedal, and an $8 copy of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Blu Ray fell into my cart.

I hadn’t watched this in a long time, but it was a movie that I enjoyed.

It arrived and I ripped it and copied it to my Plex server.

Some spoilers:

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Movie Review: Night of the Living Dead

I grew up in the SF Bay Area, and one of the things that helped make me who I am was a Saturday night slot of horror films broadcast on the local channel, KTVU called “Creature Features” (not to be confused with the series of the same name). This was a weekly show of horror films hosted by Bob Wilkins, a glasses wearing, cigar smoking aficionado of the genre of horror that was growing.

The one movie that I remember from this time was the original “Night of the Living Dead”, one of the first “zombie” movies, it remains an exemplar of the style.

Shot on 16mm B&W, it is a low budget, yet entertaining film. The premise of the near dead coming back to life, chasing the protagonists into a house, where they regroup with others who are in the same situation.

It is rather crude, but an effective movie, well executed, and a timeless classic.

What made me think of this? I heard that a high quality 4K print was made into a Blu-ray disc, and that combined with nostalgia made it an easy impulse purchase.

Sure, I could have streamed it, but I like having the physical media, so it is now in my library

Classic Movie – The In-Laws

As a Comcast subscriber, I just got an email that we have access to Peacock streaming service. Something about some sports no longer on their broadcast packages, but we can get some of those back on Peacock.

But Peacock has a lot of cool content, including some classic TV shows. And one of them is Columbo… I had binged it about 5 years ago, but I still have a fond memory of Peter Falk, and his quirks… And that fired up my memories of a comedy staring him and Alan Arkin. The In-Laws.

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It’s a Wonderful Life

I know that a lot of people watch Christmas movies during this season. I have my favorites, including “A Christmas Story”, “Life of Brian”, and “Die Hard”.

This year, we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” the classic with James Stewart. I last watched it as a child, probably 45+ years ago, so I really had no fond reminiscences of of this movie.

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Show review: The Alienist

On the advice of a colleague and a few others, I signed up for HBO Max streaming. A bit pricey, but dang, do they have an amazing catalog.

One of the shows that caught my eye is an adaptation of Caleb Carr’s outstanding novel, “The Alienist”. Produced by TNT, it is a period piece, set in New York city circa 1896, and has a cast of characters that reads like a who’s who of the times.

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Terrible Movies

I have been grabbing a bunch of movies off of the TCM channel lately. Just browsing, and having my Tivo record them. Some absolute gems (Casablanca in HD is better than my DVD copy), and – to put it bluntly – turds.

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John Wick

I am going to admit that I had known about the John Wick movies, but haven’t seen them until Thanksgiving day, 2019. Mostly because they aren’t on any of the streaming platforms I subscribe to. But I was visiting my brother in San Diego for the holiday, and he has all three.

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