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A new beginning


Welcome! If it isn’t clear yet, I am starting fresh here. If you are a fan of my old site, I need to apologize. The old home of no holds barred product management is no more. From 2009 through 2014, it was a needed outlet to preserve my sanity. Product Management has a soft white underbelly, and it felt good to rant and rave often on topics that really raised my ire. If you read the tripe...

LinkedIn Still Sucks


Who would have thought that my last rant against LinkedIn would be the third most viewed post on my site. Astounding, and by the comments, it seems to have rung a bell with others. (note: this is a repost from my professional blog) LinkedIn is still crappy, for all the same reasons I wrote about here, but some new suckage has floated to the top. LinkedIn is ostensibly the “Facebook”...

Coffee time


Our coffee maker at work (single serving “Flavia” type) broke, and while we wait for it to be fixed we have a loaner. It just makes coffee wrong. Wrong volume, wrong strength. No wonder why it is the “loaner” … So this morning I dropped by the Starbucks on my way in. Early-ish, 7:20 I was there, and I ordered my mocha (hey, if I am stopping for some gourmet shit, I...

#400 – Better Make it Count


I was looking at my dashboard, and realized that the next post would be #400. Wow, 400 times I have had an idea to share and jotted it down. What to write about? Well, there are plenty of things to discuss. Today (May 28) is my wedding anniversary. 14 years ago today, I married the love of my life, and have been happy ever since (just don’t tell her, she thinks she ruined my life…)...

My problems with LinkedIn


I am getting social media swamped.  But there is one trend that I am sure that I am not alone in is the in your face nature that LinkedIn has become since going public.  I have been a member of Linkedin for a long time, and it has been a good place to collect my professional connections.  But, it is not a place that I go to daily, weekly, or even once a month.  The truth is that for me it is not...

Cool Music – Devin Townsend


Cool Music A couple years ago, I was turned on to Devin Townsend. I can thank the inimitable Mario Parga for the introduction. I fell completely in love with his music, and quickly snarfed up most of his work. The most interesting was the Devin Townsend Project albums. Each one was distinctive, unique and in a very different style. From mellow, space you out (Ghost) to in your face, kick ass...

Selling your house blues


I have been griping a lot lately about the hassle of selling your house. It really is a pain in the ass for a number of reasons: You can’t “live” anymore. You have to clean clutter, and to keep every surface clean, dishes in the dishwasher, clothes folded and put away. So you pack about 1/3 of the stuff you would normally have out (like my guitars and a lot of electronics...

Bond Flicks


I have a confession. I love the Bond movies. From the early Sean Connery movies, the single episode with George Lazenby (and Diana Rigg as the Bond girl, rowr!), the Moore years, and then the others. I love the cheesy plots and dialog, the hokey special effects (although they have improved with age), and the whole “Aura” of the Bond character. The happiest day of the year was...

Almost made a truck turn over


On my way to lunch, a jackass in a pickup truck was riding my bumper. On Chandler Blvd, at 45mph. We both turned right, but I didn’t slow or brake (nice driving a S2000) and he tried to take the 90 degree corner at 40mph. Oops, On to 2 wheels he want, and I suspect he soiled his tidy-whities.
Tee hee!

House Selling Blues


Down in the dump today. I am being relocated from Phoenix back to the San Jose area, and things seemed on track for a smooth transition. Got our house cleaned up, fixed up and ready to sell. A month earlier, houses like ours was low inventory, and in demand. Cool Put it on the market April 2, and priced it to sell (about $12 – $18 sqft below the comps), and did our thing. Went out of town...


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