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Our coffee maker at work (single serving “Flavia” type) broke, and while we wait for it to be fixed we have a loaner. It just makes coffee wrong. Wrong volume, wrong strength. No wonder why it is the “loaner” …

So this morning I dropped by the Starbucks on my way in. Early-ish, 7:20 I was there, and I ordered my mocha (hey, if I am stopping for some gourmet shit, I am getting chocolate with it).

Holy hell that place was slammed. 10 minutes in line, 15 minutes to get my coffee after ordering it. I caught up with Facebook and my email while waiting.

I also ordered a chocolate croissant, and I specified “cold” as in “not heated“. Seemed simple. 5 minutes later, 10 minutes before my drink is ready, they hand me a bag with my croissant in it. Heated. Fook.

So I go to the very busy counter person and tell him that I specifically wanted it cold. “Are you sure?” – Yes, I am sure. “Have you ever tried it heated?” – yes, and I don’t like them heated.

So they gave me another one.

This wouldn’t be worth bitching about, except that every Starbucks I order a pastry at, I order it cold. And invariably, they heat the damn thing. I swear it gives them fuzzy feelings to put the pastries into that damn convection oven.

(for the record, I particularly hate heated croissants, as it causes them to be messy, butter dripping globs of dough. Adding chocolate to that mix just makes it worse. Hence, serve them at room temperature like a good French bakery)

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