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You might recall my bitching a few weeks ago about my work laptop. I foolishly dropped it and it landed on my iphone charger and broke the screen. That was in May. Mid August they figured pout what I needed to do to order a new panel to replace the broken one.

The local, on site tech got the panel, but then the backlight didn’t work, so he called the HP support team in.

Oh boy, what a fun story that is.  The original repair took three days, and went through two logic boards, and a second display. But they got it back together, and handed it to me on Aug 30th.

Immediately I noticed that the USB ports on the left side were dead. Recommendation, install the drivers. I did. No joy.

Our local tech was gone for a week on vacation, so I lived with bad USB ports. Not too much of a hardship.

Today, the HP support person came back out. Didn’t believe that I had installed the drivers and tried that first. No joy. Replaced the system board. No joy. Thought it was the 16G ram in the system, replaced that, no joy, tried a new HD, no joy.

So, tomorrow she will be back with yet another logic board, and we try again. I am back up on a loaner PC, and I had a very non-productive day.

I hate windows laptops. I especially hate HP hardware (their printers, once the gold standard, now suck donkey balls, and their PC’s are all the bad things that was Compaq).



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