Slash 4×4 – a Quest

I am having so much fun with my 2wd Traxxas Slash “project” car, that I now want a 4WD version to complement it. Not wanting to pay retail, and knowing that I will customize it, I was thinking of buying what is known as a “roller” or rolling chassis.

A roller is essentially the car without the electronics, and sometimes missing some minor parts (like wheels, although, technically if a Roller has no wheels, it is called a “Slider”).

So, off to eBay to test the waters.

First, holee sheeit, people want way too much. Hard to find anything less than $300. This is for used, somewhat beat up, and in an indeterminate state of readiness. For the record, $399 will buy a brand new, brushless Traxxas Slash 4X4.

Insane to say the least. I was hoping to find things in that sub $200 realm, not in perfect condition, but not beat to hell. I acknowledge that to get it running, I will have to add a receiver, servo, ESC and Motor. At a minimum that is a $200 or more investment, and when you add replacing any dubious parts, well, I would be far better off buying new.

People want way too much money for their crap. And I will look for a good deal on a new 4×4 Slash. Sometime in the future, there will certainly be a 1/10th scale Slash 4×4 added to my collection.

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