Plex Maintenance – Futurama

A couple of weeks ago, I got a hankering to watch some Futurama. Fortunately, I have copied all my discs to my Plex server for ease of access.

But there was a flaw. The in season order from the original broadcast is not how Plex see them, In particular, they screw up seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5 particularly badly, and I needed to do a lot of file manipulation to get them all to show up properly.

When I discovered it, I started, assuming that it was just a few changes. That was wrong. I had to completely restructure the files. At first I gave up, and said I didn’t care.

But that was a lie. It bugged me to no end. So I grabbed the official episode order from the web (thanks to dedicated fans who created it) and then built a manual map to the Plex database.

Then, I did the painful, moving, renaming, reordering, and then uploading them back to my Plex server, and then forcing a re-index.

About 5 hours total, including the hour to download, and the hour to re-upload. For the record, my complete Futurama collection is a svelte 192 gigabytes. Still, it is one of the best shows ever.

So, bite my shiny metal ass!

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