And it is time to change the ESC and battery connectors

I wanted to keep the Traxxas battery connectors and the two 6700mAh batteries that came with my used X-Maxx, really I did. I even bought a pair of SMC 9400 mAh batteries to give me more run time, with Traxxas connectors.

But I am going to admit that while the legacy Traxxas battery connectors ‘work’ with the new connectors (with the ID chip connectors) they don’t work well. In fact, it is remarkably easy to push out one of the conductors in the connector when plugging in.

That is bad, really really bad. So bad that a loose conductor that handles upwards of 60A of current that you really want to avoid it.

So, it is time to change connectors. Since I am likely to buy another Losi or an Arrma truck, I will change to EC5 connectors. That is a smart move, they are robust, easy to solder, and ultra reliable.

I will also use this change to swap the VX8 Velineon (sp) Traxxas ESC for the Hobbywing Max 6. That seems to be the community consensus best ESC for the X-Maxx. It fits with very minor modifications, it handles 8S Lipo power with aplomb, and it is supposedly a much smoother power delivery for more control. So, one of those is on order as well.

As for the two Traxxas chargers and two batteries, I can try to sell them, but they will be fairly useless to me when I make the change, unless I buy another Traxxas car. Perhaps a smaller brother Maxx will find its way into my collection?

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