Japan Strikes Back – Hirohito’s Revenge

Yesterday I flew back from a 10 day business trip to Japan. It was a huge success, with great results. However the end of the trip was brutal.

After two long days of training at our distributor, their senior manager took us out for dinner. A small sushi place, walking distance from their office, and Tokyo station.

The food was excellent, fresh, and delightful. As a long time traveler to Japan, I have always enjoyed the sushi and sashimi there.

As a westerner, I even enjoy the “odder” items, much to the delight of my hosts. This place started with an appetizer of tuna cheeks (with the eyeball).  Not a shock to me, I dove in and ate it.

We also had uni (sea urchin roe). This is probably where I got into trouble. I had 4 pieces of it. It tasted OK, but one of the pieces was a little “off“. But hey, when in Rome (or Tokyo)…

Bad idea.

Starting about midnight, the vomiting began. I hit the bottom, drank water, lost it, a few times.

About 9:00AM I tried to head out to eat some breakfast.

Bad idea. Had to run back to my room for another round.

Finally around noon, just before the shuttle bus to the airport came, I began to feel human again. I even ate a light meal on the plane ride home.

I am feeling like dogshit today. Back in the office though.