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We bought a house, and as the appliances were ancient, well used, and put away wet, we decided to replace the kitchen set. There were some difficulties finding a refrigerator that fit the space in the cabinets, but that was minor compared to the Bosch Dishwasher we bought.

First, it was back ordered. Many deliver dates were promised, and missed. Apparently the installers would pick them up and deliver install at their whim. Finally, we had them deliver it, and then send the installers.

The week we moved, on Friday, the dishwasher was delivered (it took 5 weeks from order to delivery). The installers were scheduled for the following day. Cool.

Not cool. The installers said they wouldn’t install it. The hot water valve had some corrosion on it, and they wouldn’t touch it, as “plumbing can go wrong, and we aren’t plumbers”.

Sigh, so they gave us a phone number to call when the plumbers replaced the valve.

After they left, I crawled under the sink and looked at the valve. Yes, a little green brass corrosion. But it was minor, and the valve actually looked fine to me. I would have just installed the dishwasher. But what do I know, I just tagged along with my appliance repairman stepfather as a teenager…

Of course, the plumbers are busy, and it takes almost 2 weeks to get them to come out. The plumber takes one look at the valve and is as equally as perplexed as me. His comment was that the valve was no more than 4 years old, and a really good valve (not a budget Lowes special). The hard water of the area tends to cause the green coloring.

The installers wanted to not install on this valve. Wimps.
The installers wanted to not install on this valve.

The plumber cleaned the valve off with some CLR and it looked brand new.

Later the same day the appliance installers return (the same crew), and he wanted to refuse to install the appliance, bitching that the plumber should have changed the valve.


Fortunately Barbara insisted that they install it. They then claimed that the washer was broken as the lights on the controls didn’t turn on.

The quietest dishwasher I have ever seen
The quietest dishwasher I have ever seen

Of course, the idiot didn’t realize that being on the top edge of the door, they only come on when you open the door. Douche extraordinaire.

So, net result:

  • we have a dishwasher – Yay!
  • the subcontractor for Pacific Sales is a whiney bitch primadonna.

Suck it up cupcake, and do your job.

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