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In just about every way, the internet has improved life. From booking airline tickets, to looking up local businesses in the yellow pages, the internet has streamlined the process, and upset business models everywhere.

$9,000 of dreaming
$9,000 of dreaming

But I found something it didn’t improve. I am moving back to the bay area, and I am contemplating getting back into mountain biking to explore all my old haunts. I had to sell some things so I have some cash, so I thought I would do a little research.

A google search for mountain bike buyers guide returns a huge number of hits. Cool, right? Not so much. Unfortunately most of them are either for true noobies, or for the extra elite (bikes that cost $7,000 or more).

Nothing for that mid range that I might be able to afford (note to my wife, I am just browsing). So, I figure I will just go to the maker’s sites, and look around. Giant, and Specialized are the big players. There are a lot of smaller marques that are interesting, but for a full line, these two will give a lay of the land.

Unfortunately, their product lines are complex and confusing. From inexpensive good starter bikes (which I am not interested in) to elite bikes.

But to figure out what I should look at, I am still as confused. Lots of questions. Unfortunately not really easy to find definitive answers.

So, I guess I will go back to how I used to shop for bicycles. Go to a couple of different dealers and talk to the staff.

Seems like I have gone full circle.

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