When Sarcasm Doesn’t Work

I like to post funny memes to my facebook page. Often they are real, and poke fun at some situation that is bizarre. Sometimes they are complete satire.

There is one class of meme that when I post, inevitably a handful of friends can’t grasp the humor. They make comments like “Who creates these? Who thinks this is right?”

Truth and sarcasm collide
Truth and sarcasm collide

A typical one is this gem. This is sarcasm. I often post sarcasm involving Michelle Bachmann, because it is damn funny.

Of course, a lot of people get butthurt by my obvious sarcasm posts (hint: Anything by the facebook page “Christians 4 Michelle Bachmann” is sarcasm, is patently obvious sarcasm, but is damn funny, so I post it. Even funnier are the people who are on that page who think it is serious.)

Michelle Bachmann is probably the greatest gift, as well as the greatest curse to meme writers and people who practice extreme sarcasm. The reason why is that she says so many batshit, insane, dumb, completely made up (and untrue) things that the reality is far worse than the humor. Every time she opens her mouth, odds are excellent that something completely idiotic will come out.

And people keep putting her on TV, and recording what she has to say.

I guess that makes it hard for people who actually like her to differentiate between the things she says in real life, and the made up sarcasm. BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE.

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