Drive thru culture goes too far


This is America, the place where the drive through was invented, and perfected. We expect to get our food instantly, coffee and donuts at any time without having to leave our cars.

However, I have noticed some people who are slavish to the drive through culture.

When cycling, on the weekend mornings, I ride by a Starbucks with a drive through. There are often 15 or 20 cars in line at the drive through. So, assuming 90 seconds per car, you are looking at 15 – 20 minutes minimum to get your coffee. Why on earth would you not just park and walk in? I don’t think I ever waited more than 5 minutes in line at even the busiest Starbuck’s I have been in.

I occasionally will stop and grab a donut on the way into the office (Yeah, I know, they are bad for me). They have a drive through, and it usually takes about 30 seconds from ordering to driving away with my satchel of fat pills. Last Friday, I had a hankering, and got stuck behind a behemoth SUV who was ordering 3 dozen donuts, picking them out individually, and then they finally paid with a credit card. Really? Just park your damn SUV and walk in for that. Sheesh.

But I often see people idling in queue, waiting on their takeout order.

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  • I work at Tim Hortons and people will sit in line for over 5 minutes for a tim bit worth .21 cents or order $30 worth of junk food and hold up others who are only ordering coffee. Sometimes I want to say to people you know you have 2 legs use them. Oh i forgot the people who have forgotten the words please and thank you. Sorry for the rant, thanks for your post. 🙂

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