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Well, I have been struggling with my hand for a while. I thought I had jammed my thumb,and it wasn’t healing properly. After 6 weeks or so, I realized that it wasn’t getting better.

About a month ago I finally went to my GP and after some X-Rays it looked like it wasn’t a damaged tendon, or “jam”. The X-Ray showed some bone spurs and what looked like it might be the start of arthritis. Gulp.

Today I met with a specialist. It is far worse than I originally thought. I have no cartilage left in my left thumb, there is severe arthritis, several bone spurs, and it is pretty much as good as it will ever be.

Next week I will get a special splint to hold it motionless at night. 6 weeks of that to see if the pain is reduced. If not, then we move on to cortisone shots.

At this point there is no cure. I am considered too young for surgery (don’t ask, it is a bad option), and eventually it will all wear in and hurt less.

One thing is for certain, today was not a good day. I can’t deny that I am getting old. Sigh.

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  • Hey Geoff,
    I have arthritis on all my fingers and hand and wrists…my right point finger was badly heart when I fell back in May. I cannot bend it, and I have been typing without it. I really can’t use my pointer fingers for pushing down on something.
    My daughter suggested the Cortisone shots, but I am going to pass for now. Not using an inflamed finger has helped me, but it took more than 6 weeks, more like 6 months….
    Yeah it sucks to get old 63 and counting.

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