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When I first started making money, my goals were to be able to buy LP’s of music I liked. I put together stereo from old components, an old heathkit amp and tuner, some hand built (not great) speakers, and I splurged on a decent Technics turntable.

What music did I buy?  Well, bands like Kiss and Cheap Trick were all the rage, but I had more eclectic tastes, and veered more towards what I called “art rock” (now widely called “Progressive Rock” or Prog Rock). Bands like ELP, Yes, King Crimson, were all in my early discs. I remember a DJ on KSJO who played all this awesome music that got me into a lot of great tunes. Greg Stone was his name, and from him I got into Camel, Gary Moore, Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck (and the yardbirds), The Moody Blues, and more.

I started playing guitar, and then my tastes ran toward harder rock. Led Zeppelin, UFO, Michael Schenker Group, Scorpions, Y&T, Ratt, Steeler, Yngwie Malmsteen all were on my daily playlist. And who could forget Rush, especially the early work (through moving pictures)? Also lots of what is called “classic rock”, pink floyd, AC/DC, Kansas, etc is in my collection now.

As time went on, I kept adding from these genre’s, not really straying far. As some friends veered into country, or modern rock from the 80’s, I stayed true to my roots. I got more into the Blues, listening to Robert Johnson, Johnny Winter, and a wide swath of Eric Clapton.

Today, I still listen to most of the same genre. There are some new additions, Porcupine Tree, Special Machines, Marillion, collective soul, Blues Saraceno, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Frank Marino and Mahogany rush. So much awesome music, so little time.

I was thinking about this as my 30th high school reunion is next weekend. I realized that I still listen to much of the same music as I did then, and really haven’t shifted into different and unfamiliar genres. I guess that the habits learned then will stick with me forever.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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