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My work keeps me on the road a lot. I am a frequent flier, in and out of airports all over the country and the world. In the new world order, with domestic carriers trying to extract the most fees from fliers, charging for checked bags, has encouraged everyone to carry on their luggage.

This wouldn’t be a problem if people had reasonable sized bags, but alas they push the envelope and try to use luggage that is way too big.

Of course, there are gauges to size the bags, and filter out the bags that are too large. Alas, they are virtually always ignored.

Until this trip. On my flight out of SFO, an oversold airplane, the gate agents became the bag nazi’s. Every bag they let in, had to fit in the gauge. Yay!

Of course, suddenly everybody in line gets the squirms.

For far too long, people bring too many bags, and bags that are oversize. Pushing the limits of luggage storage in the cabin, all to save $25. It used to be that carry on bags were the pro travelers, with truly small bags, who could do 3 nights and 4 days out of a tiny bag, now people are trying to haul body bags down the aisle.

I wish the gate agents would be this militant all the time.

And your personal bag isn’t a second full sized bag (and trying to sneak a backpack too is criminal)

For the record, I virtually always check my bag. Even as an early boarding elite passenger, I prefer to not drag my luggage across the airport.

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Travel Notes – Luggage

I am rapidly approaching the need for new baggage. I am pretty hard on my luggage, so it’s not surprising that it wears out. However, all the zippers are failing, and it is looking like it has been dragged through a war zone.

I have had Tumi bags, and they wore well, but the hardware failed spectacularly one trip. It literally disintegrated before my eyes.

I replaced it with "Travel Pro". Endorsed by flight attendants and airline employees, it seemed like a safe bet. Snort. Of course their bags last a long time because they NEVER have to check their bags. Both my carry on sized roller, and my big roller looked like hell almost immediately. The first trip with my big bag, the big zipper pulls were lost. And it has gone downhill from there. My current trip is probably the last with this bag.

Not sure where to go next. But, I am certain whatever brand of luggage I buy, it will have a finite lifespan before the rigors of travel shred it mercilessly. I am tempted to go hard shell, but much of that looks and feels cheap as well.