Public Transit in the age of COVID-19

I am a huge proponent of public transit, having blogged about it several times before, and being fortunate enough to work for an enlightened company who sponsors my transit pass.

However, being a denizen of the public transit system has some downsides. One being that I get just about every damn cold or bug that is going around. Perhaps I am not as susceptible as those parents with grade school kids, but it isn’t far off.

I have always viewed this as an acceptable tradeoff to ride the train to the office. But that calculus has changed with the Corona Virus outbreak. The fact that you can be asymptomatic for 2 weeks, and be spreading it the entire time.

Couple that with the fact that our enlightened government seems hell bent on minimizing the investigation to uncover the true extent of the spread of the contagion (as in, limiting lab tests to only people who have traveled to one of the hotspots. That cat is out of the bag in both Washington state and California)

I will be driving in to the office for the foreseeable future. That makes me very sad.

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