The Simpsons – the early years

The addition of a Plex server, and the digitization of my DVD and Bluray discs, has given me ample opportunity to revisit some of my old favorites that haven’t been brought off the shelf in a long time. Among this collection is the first four seasons of The Simpsons. 1989 – 1993 episodes, and many essential classics.

I have forgotten how much I enjoyed this show in the early years. From the pilot, when they adopt their greyhound, Santa’s Little Helper, Bart the Genius, Moaning Lisa, The Call of the Simpsons, and many many more.

I enjoyed them when they were first aired, (yeah, I am older than dirt), I enjoyed them when I bought the DVD’s, and I enjoy them today.

Throughout the 1990’s I watched pretty religiously, probably through the 8th or 9th season, and sporadically after that. While I haven’t dipped my toe in to the series in a long time, it still represents a part of my past that I fondly remember.

Entertainment, morality lessons, and memorable quotes, 22 minutes at a time.

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