Getting old sucks

Freshly into my 6th decade, I am beginning to feel my age. Some observations:

Once you get gout once, it is likely to recur. Sadly, now when I have even a couple of malted beverages, I get the start of a flare up. Not being able to have a couple brews on the weekend sucks.

Your appetite doesn’t match your caloric or nutritional needs. I still love to eat steak and potatoes, but even when I balance with a lot of leafy green veggies, and other “healthy” items, I suffer for a couple days after. Turning 40 altered the metabolism, and the medications post MI further fouled with the engine.

Aches, pains, and weird popping/creaky noises accompany you everywhere you go. Partly due to the heavy abuse of cycling, motorcycling, running that I did in my youth, I suffer.  A modest bike ride can yield three days of awkward awakenings. Groan.

I fear I am looking at milestones of when I can no longer do things I used to enjoy. Oh well.


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