Wicked Tired this Weekend

The last two weeks have been wild at work.  Starting with a quick trip to Boston, then the WW Sales meeting this week, I have been on the ragged edge.

Monday December 1 I had to wake up at an ungodly hour to catch a 7:00AM flight to Boston. Long crappy day of travel on an airline I have no status on, to arrive in the evening.

Tuesday the 2nd, I spent the day on the floor of the conference, meeting with peers, and vendors. A good day for me (but the exhibit hall was empty).

Fly back on the 3rd. Again, woke up at 4:00AM to catch a flight back to San Jose on an airline without status. It was an excruciatingly shitty flight for a variety of reasons.

Back in the office for 2 days, I begin to get that back of the throat tickle. Fook, I picked up some bug somewhere that was going to hammer me. By Saturday, I was descending into yearly cold hell. Sore throat, moving to nasal congestion, then finally on Sunday, it dropped into my chest. Yep, a full on chest cold has settled in. Just in time for the WW Sales meeting that kicked off on Monday.

Naturally, not only did I have the beginnings of a cold over the weekend, but I was way (WAY WAY) behind on my slide decks. So I got to put in about 24 hours of powerpoint engineering on Saturday and Sunday. Did the sales team appreciate it?  Ha!

Monday through Wednesday was a blur. Between hacking up lung biscuits, and fumbling through the sessions, I can hardly recall the event. I was able to duck out of the big team building event (I could barely stand up by the end of Monday, so I got a pity-pass).

Thursday and Friday, we had formal, consultant lead, sales training. I was drafted into participating as a refresher, as I have to work closely with the sales team.

Friday evening, I am spent. Dead, done, stick a fork in me.

I will just manage to lounge, read, and maybe watch some movies on Netflix. I did manage to drop off my camera and lens for repair.

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