A new beginning


If it isn’t clear yet, I am starting fresh here. If you are a fan of my old site, I need to apologize. The old home of no holds barred product management is no more. From 2009 through 2014, it was a needed outlet to preserve my sanity.

Product Management has a soft white underbelly, and it felt good to rant and rave often on topics that really raised my ire. If you read the tripe that is dished up by the milquetoast social media mavens of product management and marketing you know why I needed to rant.

But times change, and one day you have to grow up. That and too many people who know me and work with me had found the blog, leading to some difficult conversations with the powers that be.

By the time that you read this, I will no longer be just a product manager (technically I am a product marketing manager), but instead be the Product Marketing Operational Manager. A pretty weak title, but it correlates with a “Director” title everywhere else I have been, so it is a good position.

My responsibilities will change, I will again get people to manage (groan) but they are all really good people. And I work for a great company, so that helps a lot.

I will probably blog a bit about work, but it will be mundane.  There are plenty of things I wrote on product management that were helpful, and not snarky, so you will find them moved here.

Another change is that I am back on WordPress. 2 years ago when I switched all my web properties to Joomla! it was because I had gotten tired of having my worpress sites hacked. The third time one of them got hit by an XSS attack, I vowed to never use WordPress again. Never say never again. With the 3.0 and later versions, security improved drastically, and I am a lot more cautious with plugins and 3rd party add ins. WordPress is a good combination of capability, flexibility, and now the development team appears to have taken security seriously.

The site is in flux. Currently it has the default template. I am certain to go out and buy a quality template, something modern, responsive, and tasteful. Not sure when though.

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