Do all document management systems suck?

Having worked for a company that was uber proud of their content management system, and wondered why that productivity sapping POS was popular at all, and now at a company that has a huge Sharepoint infrastructure, I am coming to the conclusion that all content management systems blow.

I understand the need in highly regulated industries to use such things. Government, financial services, medical are all where these systems are essential. Lots of rules about access, retention, and positive destruction of records are where content management (or document management solutions) thrive.

I also understand in large enterprises the need to have central repositories and version control of documents and artifacts for programs and projects. Having a huge server pool letting users to create and store their own hierarchy and taxonomy just leads to chaos, and lost documents (and huge surprises when you are doing eDicsovery for a legal action).

But, for the love of god, they are painful to work with.

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