Weird email problem – support useless

The joy of working in a large enterprise. 

We have been working with a web development partner for some new sites and moving some older sites to their hosting. 

Part of this means that we have been exchanging details on the web sites we are migrating.

Suddenly, these emails stopped coming in.

They aren’t spam. They have no executables. There is no malware. Just business oriented emails, originated from a credible and trustworthy source.

THe funny thing is, our contractor can send me emails that are not this (like “Did you get that PDF?”) fine.

But copy that block of text, and it is halted. Save that text to a PDF and email. And it is halted. He had to friggin fallback to faxing it to me to get this information to me.

Support – snort, is useless. Regardless of how much detail I put in the trouble ticket, or how many times I talked to them on the phone, there is no resolution.

Da fuq is up with that?

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