Why Republicans aren’t pushing to investigate the Russian Hacking

A well written analysis as to why the congressional Republicans prefer to ignore the ramifications of Russian interference in our election last year. That seems like a catastrophically bad idea to me.

The CIA’s assessment that the Russian government probably had a hand in the hacking the Democratic National Committee servers and the subsequent release of leaked emails written by members of the party sent shockwaves across Washington Dc. To Democrats, the alleged Russian cyberattack was a deliberate campaign against their presidential nominee; an unprecedented act of…

via The GOP would rather live in dangerous ignorance than get the truth about Russian hacking — Quartz


Yesterday1, a cryptic message came across my phone. The NY Times flashed a headline that last week both Donald Trump and President Obama were briefed on an unsubstantiated, but deemed credible report that Russian officials had a dossier on President-Elect Trump that was potentially damaging.

Reading the article, it was quite clear that it was un verified, and possibly unverifiable, but that it contained information that would be embarrassing to the incoming administration.

Then Buzzfeed (not linked, because they are clickbait) posted an image that highlighted that Trump was party to orgies in Moscow and St. Petersberg with prostitutes, and that waterplay (a.k.a. “Golden Showers“) was involved. Also that Trump purposely did this in the same hotel that the Obamas stayed at during their state visit, and even the same bed. Continue reading →