Getting Old – the Signs are Everywhere

There are plenty of symptoms and signs that you are getting old. And I am not talking about the harassment by AARP for you to join.

Sign 1 – You have a pill box to organize your daily medication. Often this starts as one, but soon becomes two as you will have morning and night medications. Statins, Ace Inhibitors, Beta Blockers, aspirin, anti coagulants. Yep you are getting old when you are on a first name basis with your pharmacist (and I am not talking weed)

Sign 2 – You give up your motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license. I have had that endorsement since I was 16 and got my license. I carried it with me to Arizona. But coming back to California, I let it drop. This is acknowledging I will never ride a motorcycle again. Sad day indeed.

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Living with Arthritis

Alas, getting old sucks. A lot of things begin to degrade, and just stop working. Mid last year my left thumb started to become painful. At first, I assumed it was just a physical damage like I jammed my thumb. When after a month or so, it didn’t get better, so off to a doctor I went.

Long story short, the prognosis was osteo arthritis. The usual treatments were tried, spica brace (OTS and custom made), NSAIDs, and finally a cortisone shot into the joint.

I also tried the alternative solutions. Glucosamine and MSM. Alas, they seemed to be a big heaping pile of placebo, even in high dosages, for several months, no noticeable relief.

All that happened was a temporary respite. The only thing that helped was massive doses of NSAIDs. 800 mg Ibuprofen 2x a day did a pretty good job of keeping the sharp pain at bay. But that is not good, as I also take statins, beta blockers, ace inhibitors, and anti coagulants (don’t ask), adding 800mg of Vitamin I made me bleed in interesting areas. So I am off the NSAIDs.

There is surgery, but it is not a good option, as mobility will be greatly curtailed. The hand specialist told me that they don’t do that surgery in people my age (too young). Gulp.

Now, I am in a constant low grade pain. I can’t play guitar. I can hold on to a bicycle, but not sure for how much longer.

Getting old sucks. I fear that from now until the long goodnight, it is just a series of disappointments as I have more and more things I can’t do.


Getting Old – Part IX

I hate to sound like I am complaining, but alas, it is hard to not whinge. I am getting old. Latest victim: a repeat offender, my left foot. I have battled plantar fasciitis, and a sprained big toe in the last year. But today, it is feeling like it might be a stress fracture.

Yesterday, I did a mild 4 and a half mile walk. Felt OK. Sometime yesterday afternoon, my foot started bothering me. Sharp pain in the top, on the outer part of the foot. Tender when I poke at it, when I stretch (like I would do to help my plantar fascia) it is a debilitating pain.

This is just the latest in a long list of body parts that hurt. I am not 50 yet, but I feel like my body is falling apart.