Fun and games – Cloudflare and SSH


As I mentioned in a recent post, one of my sites, a WordPress site to help a friend sell their house, got hammered with xml-rpc requests. It didn’t get hacked, but it did bring apache to a painful halt, and filled the memory. To prevent that, I setup Cloudflare in front of it, to act as a CDN and a way to prevent it from being attacked. Thus, in the future, I should be able to regain...



About a month ago, I posted about how I was finally cutting the cord, and moving all my serious pictures out of the Apple Photos application. It was just too constricting, and while their “Pro” app for photographers, Aperture was great, they have abandoned it. I began seriously using Adobe Bridge which was free (as in beer) and worked pretty well as a lightweight photo manager. But...

Sad Days


As anyone who knows me in real life knows, I have rescued Greyhounds. I have donated a lot of time and money to the southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption org, and ran their website for a few years. Last Tuesday, we had to put one of our greys to sleep. He had long suffered from seizures, big, scary grand-mal epileptic seizures that had been increasing in both frequency, and in numbers (clustering)...

Medium Format Camera


I have long been a bit of a photography bug for almost all my life. I started early in High School with a photography class, and have been a bit of a shutterbug since. Mostly 35mm film and now digital, I always was envious of the medium format cameras. About 10 years ago, when DSLR’s were booming, you could pick up a quality medium format camera for a song on E-Bay. A nice Hasselblad with a...

To the asshole who was exit lane surfing


Yes you, the black BMW who dove in behind me on the exit lane for Lawrence expressway from 280N this morning. Traffic was already moving briskly, 55mph or better, but you had to get a few car lengths further up After you honked at me in my wife’s Rav4, I made sure I kept it a reasonable exit speed. Because often it backs up onto the freeway there, and I have seen some doosey accidents...

Why I don’t Watch Sports-ball Games


Thursday I got a hankering for some Pizza for lunch, so I hit the local Round Table Pizza and their buffet (yep, I felt like pigging out, so nyah!) Of course, there were TV’s on in the dining area tuned into various games. The one that had audio turned up was a Baseball game. Oakland A’s versus Detroit Redwings or something (note: I do know that is a hockey team). I have never really...

Suck: Camera edition


We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting my sister and her wife in the mountains. Great food, great company, even our menagerie of hounds behaved well (except for the torn off nail from “zoomies”) I even brought my “big” camera to take “good” pictures. Sigh. My main digital SLR is a second hand Canon 5D. Bought from a good friend, who lovingly maintained it...

Solve California’s Financial Issues Forever


As with most states, there is always a bit of tightness in the budget. California, although our outlook has improved, still is on the precarious edge. I have the guaranteed solution to those fiscal woes. First step, raise the fine for texting while driving. California’s is the lowest in the nation at $20 for a first offense. Make it a nuisance, say $100 or $150. Second, have every officer...


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