Binge worthy: No Offence

If you have Amazon Prime, and purchase (or do the 30 day trial of) AcornTV, there is a show that is worth watching.

I make no apologies for being a fan of British police dramas, but this one is a bit over the top.

Where the British usually are “by the book” and button downed, only occasionally showing some pluck, this one reaches out and grabs you by the gonads and squeezes. It is so outrageous, so over the top, so in your face, it is rather entertaining.

Limited to 3 short seasons of 6 or 7 episodes, each of which is just 45 minutes long, it is essentially 3 story arcs. Each season stands alone, and the initial case in episode one, begins the arc.

Of course, each episode has its own case, but the focus is on the overall story arc, and the writers do a masterful job of managing it, leaving each episode as a cliff hanger.

Plus, the characters are well developed and you grow interested in their plights.

One note: This is not for the young un’s. Sex, violence, bodily excretions, and rather salty language are peppered throughout the episodes, adding to the realism, and relatability of the characters.

Highly recommended as a fun romp and diversion.

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