Kamado Cook #5 – Pork Spareribs

Last week, I made my first Boston Butt (aka Pork Shoulder) in my Kamado Joe Classic III. Total cook time was about 9 hours, with a 1 hour rest and it was DELICIOUS. Of course, we handed out some leftovers to the neighbors who greedily snarfed on some great pulled pork.

Today, I will be making a few racks of Pork Spareribs. A quick trip to Costco yesterday got me my ribs (I think there are three nice racks in the vacuum pack,) and grabbed another sack of lump charcoal.

Today, I will use a simple rub with granulated garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, powdered onion, and a dash of cayenne pepper for some zing.

The grill will be set for indirect cooking with a couple of pieces of applewood for smoke, and we will be cooking at 275F. I anticipate the first phase of the cook to take about 3 hours, at which time I will evaluate the tenderness, and likely wrap the ribs in foil with a little sauce and apple juice. Two more hours on the grill, and then an hour of rest should do the spareribs in style.

While the ribs are resting, I will prepare a smoked Macaroni and Cheese side. Will raise the temperature to 350F and cook it for about 45 minutes with an excursion to 425F to brown it up.

Meanwhile, I will be baking a couple loaves of a tangy sourdough bread.

Stay tuned for pictures.


The ribs were spectacular. A bit over cooked by competition standards, but fall off the bone tender, juicy, great smoke ring, and abundantly flavorful. The Mac and Cheese was a hit as well. Could have used a little more cheddar, but it was bold, flavorful, and creamy.

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