The Trek Century Challenge

About a month ago, I got a notification from Strava about a challenge for the month of July. Ride 100 miles, and you can earn a t-shirt, and some badging. If you complete 500, or 1,000 miles, you get an opportunity to win a slick bike, and a chance to tour their design center.

Since I have been riding consistently again, I figured why not, so I signed up. At the end of 3 weeks, I had a total of 96 miles, and feeling pretty good about myself.

Then I checked the leaderboard. Jesus Christ on a crouton, the leaders of this “challenge” are at 3,523 miles. Bloody hell, today is the 27th day of the month, so the “leader” has averaged north of 135 miles per day of riding:

The Century Challenge Leaderboard

If we look a little deeper, in the leader’s history, he is averaging over 60 hours a week of riding:

Who the fuck can ride 60 hours a week. 8-ish hours a day, 7 days a week?

I am feeling pretty good about my meager 100 miles, but I am astounded by those who can put that many hours in the saddle.

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