Time to retire

(My other blog that is…)

When I began my journey on the internet back in the 1990’s, I signed up with a small-ish ISP at the time, Best Communications. One of the “benefits” of their ISDN service was the inclusion of a domain for my email.

At the time, I had an English Mastiff, a giant of a dog, named Astro – from The Jetsons, and of course that domain was gone. However, there was a twist, the name of Astro before he was adopted by The Jetsons was “Tralfaz”. Surely, this was a meaningless name dreamt up by the scriptwriters to make the episode work, it was a good choice in the early days of the internet.

Of course, even back in 1997, tralfaz.com was gone, so I had to take the tralfaz.org domain. It rankled me that there was a tralfaz.com that some selfish lout had registered, but wasn’t using (I never found a page on that domain).

In 2014, I got a query from a domain auction site that the revered tralfaz.com was available, and naturally, I _wanted_ it. So I made sure to win.

In 2017, I finally put up this site, and moved most if not all of the posts from the original [tralfaz](https://tralfaz.org) site, and left that one fallow. I haven’t posted there since January 2017, and instead have been posting here mostly.

Lately, I have been consolidating, concentrating, and reducing my footprint, and it is now time to retire the tralfaz.org site. I will redirect the domain to here, tralfaz.com, do a final back up of all the files on the tralfaz.org site, and then execute the command to remove the Tralfaz.org site. Forever. I will keep the domain, as my main email is still the tralfaz.org domain, even though tralfaz.com will get to me as well.

It feels like a chapter of my life is slowly closing. It is a good thing.

unsplash-logoHarli Marten