Russian Intervention in the 2016 US election


Yep, the Russians interfered with the election. Of course, the US has done this for over a century, so we shouldn’t be upset. Unlike many opinions flying around about how much outrage that the Russians (and Vladimir Putin) have interfered in the 2016 US presidential election, by hacking both the DNC and RNC servers and email. Of course they only released the goods on the Democrats, thereby putting a finger on the scale for the victor, Donald Trump.

However, this outrage is a bit mislaid. Of course, a little googling will identify a long history of the US interfering in the affairs of other countries. From interventions to protect the US Fruit Company in Honduras in 1903, to the overthrow and coup d’état that installed the Shah of Iran in 1953, to repeated and long term intervention in Nicaragua, there is plenty of instances of the US government and CIA having their hand in the cookie jar.

It is the height of hypocrisy to be upset about the Russians intervening in the US election.

The real shock is that our democracy was/is so weak that it could be corrupted so easily.

Note: anybody who had an objective view during the latter part of the campaign should have realized that it would have been just as easy for the Russian hackers to breach the security of the RNC, and key players there. When there was no corresponding leak of Republican documents, it was clear that there was an agenda. Only a fool would believe that there wasn’t equally damning communications in the internal deliberations of the RNC.

Like much of the hand wringing and online outrage, there will be no actions taken in this revelation.

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