1993, December, actually a little before, I had the inside tip, and an FTP site to get this new game, “Doom”. I remember downloading it at 16kbps dial up. and installing the shareware “beta” on my computer, a 486DX33.

Original Doom artworkI was captivated. A DOS game, it caused me to upgrade my ram and build a faster machine. But it was awesome. While it was not the first FPS (the first I played was Wolfenstein 3D), it was ground breaking.

As soon as I could buy the full version, my money left my wallet, and I could hardly wait for the full version.

It wasn’t really 3D, the graphics were rather primitive, but it was addictive.

I had a DWANGO account, so I could play dial up multiplayer (this was before the real internet existed for this) and lost a lot of time.

I bought the sequels, and the 2007 remake, and of course the Quake series.

Last week, Id Software launched the latest, a recreation of the original, of course with different maps, and the graphics up to date. But, unlike many of the modern FPS games, it is a classic run-n-gun, move, kill or be killed, and very dynamic. Interesting weapons, and a story line consistent with the original.

I bought a copy for my Xbox One, and have been working my way through the first episode. The maps are challenging, and the demons are a pretty tough match. I am learning the controls on the Xbox controller, but it is a bit of a struggle. However, since I no longer have a Windows PC, and there isn’t a Mac port, the Xbox is the way to go.

What I like is the graphics, 1080p 60 frames per second, and gorgeous rendering (I had to crank up the gamma a bit to “see” the environment, the recommended level was dark and very difficult to play. I might go back to that later.

Apparently, each level has a secret that gives you access to an original Doom map. It is in the form of a little doll of the Doom marine. Cool touch. I found the first one.

I haven’t really played multiplayer yet (I started a game, but alas, it was full of assholes cursing and taunting enough that it was really unpleasant. Sigh, I dislike the audio chat in modern games.

Verdict: The franchise is alive, and well, entertaining as usual, gore galore, and back to the basics.