Oops – medications

As a heart attack survivor, I monitor my blood pressure every day. I wake up, fire up the coffee maker, and then sit down to measure my blood pressure. I take it three times, to make sure that it is consistent.

I take a variety of medications, an ACE inhibitor and a Beta blocker for my blood pressure. I also take a statin, and a anticoagulant, as well as an 81mg aspirin.

I average a little below 120/80 (often in the 117/77 range), so when I measured at 139/101, 143/97, and 137/99 this AM, I was a bit concerned.

I checked my pill organizer, and oops, I missed my meds last night.

I have forgotten it twice in 6 years. Clearly, I will never be able to go off my meds.

(of course, I had a touch of insomnia last night too. Probably related.)