More Apple goodness

This last week, I “discovered” something that wasn’t really hidden. Somewhere in the evolution of Apple’s iCloud service, in particular the sharing of login information and passwords in the service, a really cool feature is lurking.

On Tuesday, Barbara had a 2 hour procedure at her doctor’s office, and I waited in the lobby. So I took my iPad and logged into their Wifi so I could continue reading the NY Times. Simple, find the SSID, and enter the password for guest access, and you are online.

Since I had a couple hours to burn, I pulled out my headphones and plugged them into my iPhone, to listen to Pandora, and I discovered that I automagically connected to the wifi. Because I logged in on my iPad, the credentials were in the system, and my phone just picked it up.

Of course, I knew that this was possible, and likely read that it was part of the feature set, probably even experiencing it somewhere. But this was the first time that it hit me.

Way cool.