Is life no longer worth living?

I wrote back in March about a life changing event. Having the gout. It sucks. Talk about white privilege diseases, and Gout is top of the list. But the doctor said it would return.

One of the things they say causes flare-ups is beer. Sweet, wonderful, hoppy beer. Apparently, the puric acid is the culprit.

After the major flare up (that about crippled me for 4 days) I swore off beer for a couple of months. Actually, all alcohol. Then three weeks ago I succumbed to the nectar of the goods, malted barley beverages.

I had some minor discomfort, so I backed off. Then the last weekend, I had two 12-oz bottles (A Lagunitas Sucks ale), and two days later, major flare up. I missed the early indicators, so I couldn’t take my preventative medication (which is pretty gnarly, I need to remember to NOT take my statin when I take it).

So, it looks like I am off of beer forever.

Life may not be worth living.