Moving Notes

Well, we are mostly unpacked, and all is mostly well. 95% of the boxes are unpacked, and the house is well organized. The boys are settled in (and too comfortable).

However there are a few wrinkles.

Before we moved from Chandler, I bought a new pair of cycling shoes. My old ones were 13 years old, and hurting my feet, so $225 later some new wide Sidi shoes were there.

Unpacking, I have found only one of them. Damn. Of course my old shoes made the move so I am using them again. But I really miss my new shoes.

On the plus side, before we moved I had bought a print from an artist in the UK. It arrived before we moved, but I couldn’t get it framed, so I left it wrapped up. It turns out that it was a limited edition of 200 prints, and I have 1 of 200. Way cool (the print came from almostanangel66 on Etsy.

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