House – Interior Painting

While the outside of the house has pretty decent paint, the inside was a bit, uh, hideous. Nothing too awful, but it clearly hadn’t been painted in a long time. The bedrooms had some odd paint colors on some walls, and one was obviously a child’s room with some odd trim.

painting 7Add to that the awful 70’s vintage “popcorn” ceiling, and you have a mess. Fortunately, our real estate agent recommended Mario to work it over. In a mere two days, they have:

  • Masked all fixtures and cabinetry
  • Removed the popcorn ceiling
  • Fixed some drywall damage
  • Replaced the particle board shelves in the closets
  • Retexture the walls and ceiling

Once we choose colors, we will have an awesome interior to come home to.

I can hardly wait.

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