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Ah, the holiday season, where UPS and FedEx work overtime to deliver packages to people filled with joy and gifts. Alas, it is too tempting of a target for many people.

I speak of the theft of parcels from front doors. I appreciate Amazon in their interest to not inconvenience people by demanding a signature, and to just deposit parcels on the stoop. I am sure this reduces the cost of their shipping (as often a delivery service will need to return to an address more than once to catch the resident for a signature.)

But the allure of an Amazon box, perched on the door stoop in plain sight is too tempting for otherwise honest people. What delight may be in the box? A computer? An iPad? or some DVD/BluRay movies? It is like easter and christmas all over.

So, the box gets stolen.

Last Friday, the delivery service for Amazon dropped a medium sized box on the stoop at 11:30. I had a half day at work, so I got home about 12:30. In that hour, someone decided they needed our parcel more than us.

What bountiful booty did the perpetrators get?

  • Cosequin glucosamine supplement for our greyhounds. Tablets to help their arthritis.
  • Wellactin – a fish oil (omega-3 fish oil) supplement for our greyhounds’ coat and skin.
  • An inexpensive metronome. My wife bought it to help her and her mother play violin/viola duets.

I hope the thieves are satisfied with their ill gotten gains.

Amazon will replace the goods (they are good about that), and the shipping company will no longer leave things at our stoop.

Thanks assholes.

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