#400 – Better Make it Count

I was looking at my dashboard, and realized that the next post would be #400. Wow, 400 times I have had an idea to share and jotted it down.

What to write about? Well, there are plenty of things to discuss.

  • Today (May 28) is my wedding anniversary. 14 years ago today, I married the love of my life, and have been happy ever since (just don’t tell her, she thinks she ruined my life…) Going out for Italian food tonight.
  • This morning, I heard that a friend’s wife lost her battle with cancer. Cancer is crap. I can’t fathom how he feels, but I would do anything to help him. Sad is far to weak of an emotion to describe how hard this hit me reading it when I woke up.
  • Last weekend, that dickhead loser at UCSB decided to kill a bunch of women because he kept getting rejected. It is hard to think a a more meaningless reason for a rampage, so I won’t even try. I know that nothing will be done to reduce the future likelihood of another tragedy like this, but I can hope that some common sense breaks out. I am not holding my breath.

But mostly I think I will mention how great it is to have an outlet for trivialities, where I can be as serious or banal as I desire.

… and people actually read it. (I never quit being amazed by this)

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