Wow – high end audio

Last week, I fancied a bit of nostalgia, and enjoyed playing LPs on a real turntable. The ritual of playing the music harkened back to a much simpler era, and it was quite enjoyable.

I can't way that the vinyl sounded better, or even different than CD's (alas, I don't have an apples-to-apples comparison set), but there was something satisfying from digging out a Miles Davis album, removing it from the sleeve, cleaning the dust off, and dropping a needle on the vinyl. 20-ish minutes later, getting up and switching sides.

Good stuff.

So, to extend the experience, I thought I would look up some old school hifi gear. Tube power amps, tube preamps, better turntables. Exotic speakers. Hand crafted, walnut knobs that improve sustain (yes, they make lame claims like that).

Bwah ha hahahahaha. So much money you can spend. Alas, I think I will be satisfied with the hand me down gear that we will pick up from my father in-law's estate.

Even 60 year old, Harmon Kardon tube amps in questionable condition can cost well over $1,000.

And phonograph cartridges. C'est bon!

I don't think I will even dream.

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